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I am pulling the old tired 396/402 and the TH400 out of my 71
Have decided to do a mild build on a 502 Gen VI I have been sitting on for years.
This motor is the 4 bolt main small dome piston marine block with the JE forged pistons in it. Have not decided which heads to use yet but I think sensible volume square port aluminum. I already have intakes.
I thing comp cams CL01-602-8 Kit might work well with the Direct port N2O.
A good solid rebuild with good parts for the TH400 with 2600 ish stall converter that I already have. Car has its original 12 bolt with 411s in it so brakes and simple seals and wheel bearings is all it needs.
First Gen VI build but many Gen 4 builds under my belt.

Ideas and thoughts welcome .. Will post progress pictures

Here are a couple of before shots

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