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1970 waterpump worth anything?

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this would be for the number matching small block people. (probably few and far between). Anyway my new to me motor had a waterpump attached to it but after filling it with water I got a small leak out of the weep hole. So out it went and bought a new checkers waterpump, and since its new they dont need a core.
I got to looking at it and its dated A 28 70, so I was curious if its worth anything before it goes into the scrap pile.
Hey Justin (chef) are you looking for a correct wp for your 70? jim
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I've been sitting on over 100 wp for all the major car companies all factory and all from 60-70's.

I got them for $180. Sold a boss 429 date code 69 for $475 and have sat on the rest. I have another boss 429 pump too. I have bbc and sbc pumps, Chrysler ford etc.

I wouldn't throw it out.
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