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1970 SS 454 fuel line

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Hey guys. I'm new to Chevelles and was trying to figure out what part# I need for the fuel pump to carb fuel line ? I saw one on another 70 Chevelle which looked like three pieces. It ran from the fuel pump up behind the long water pump in between the two heater hoses and then over to the pass side. I saw a few but it states for long fuel pump?? Anyone have a picture?? Thanks for your help.
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Need to know some more info. Do you have a stock manifold? LS5 or LS6 setup. What fuel pump are you going to use, long or short? I just replaced my originals on my LS6 and after trying six different sets from part places that none of them fit right I bent up my own. I just put a pump to carb line on a 70SS L34 (same line as a LS5) and it fit perfect.
I did use the 3/8" brake line to the brass block and then used 5/16" to the carb inlets. I had a couple of goofs until I got it right but it turned out great. I had about $80 in return postage for all the so called "perfect fit" lines that I got from about every part place I can think. I went and got a cheap $6 tubing bender and used my double flare tool. I still can't believe that nobody can make these lines that fit. Good luck on your 66.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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