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1970 Pontiac LeMans Round Gauges Dash

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I was wondering if these dashes are desireable as the SS dashes. I saw one on ebay once, but can not remeber if it was with round gauges. I have a chance to buy one, but if it's not desireable I will pass.
Thanks for any advise.
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When we did our '72 Lemans Sport the dash was cut out around the radio for an aftermarket unit. It turns out that most of the others were too. It took quite a while to find a good dash insert and had to pay through the nose for it. The dash pad is part of the whole dash assembly. One of these dashes in good condition seem to be rather rare and can be pricey. It's worth picking up if the price is right. It's not the same as a Chevelle round gauge dash though.
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