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1970 L78 sold in 2004 at a milwaukee dealer

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Anybody remember the dealer in Milwaukee that had this car in 2004.

Thanks men

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I'm not sure which '70 L78 you are referring to, but Team Chevelle member Nick Lewis of Florida owned a 1970 SS396 L78 coupe that was factory ordered in Hugger Orange with a stripe delete (it was a Cowl Induction car). At any rate, that car later was for sale in 2004 through a dealer in Milwaukee named Classic Auto at 414.964.3747. The salesman was Colin Comer.

How'd I do ? :D
Well, according the what I had saved from the ad, the car was a 2-owner car prior to the dealer offering (brokering?) it, and it said it had originally been sold new in Santa Anna, California. I would guess that Nick Lewis would then have been the 2nd owner. Nick is in Florida and I have heard precious little from him lately. He is getting up there in years, but over the years he has owned quite a few of the ultimate Chevrolet musclecars. I think Don Lightfoot purchased his aluminum-headed blue 1969 SS396 post sedan from Nick back around 2000 / 2001.

I think Nick used to go by the handle "L89sedan" until he sold the car to Don. Now I think it is simply "Nick Lewis".
He's still ACES-70 on here, his last time on here was March 22 this year.

My friend talked to him on the phone yesterday.
That's it! I couldn't remember his handle here. I'm glad to hear that Nick is still active.

It is late! I need to get to bed. 6:20 AM comes too soon...
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