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1970 El Camino Fuel System

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Hello All, I am near ready to street my 70 Elky. The car was pretty much gutted when I got it. I am wondering what the original fuel system consisted of. The truck came with a brand new gas tank with a two line sending unit. Can I use this system or will I run into problems.
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The large line would be main fuel line. What is the smaller one?
is this a proper set up for my 350 sbc. should I get a fuel pump with two lines fuel and return tubing, or get a fuel pick up with one line only. any help appreciated, just want to do it right.
the car was stripped and there are no lines
I will run a hard line for fuel and plug the vent tube from the tank
the fuel pump I have doesn't have a vent tube anyway
I presume use a vented gas cap
thank you for all the help you guys r awesome!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts