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1970 El Camino Fuel System

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Hello All, I am near ready to street my 70 Elky. The car was pretty much gutted when I got it. I am wondering what the original fuel system consisted of. The truck came with a brand new gas tank with a two line sending unit. Can I use this system or will I run into problems.
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I agree with Sam, 1970 Chevelles did not have a fuel return line it is a vent line and you do not have to use it. My SS 454 70 Sta. Wgn.
To make the engine look like an LS-5, I took a small piece of brake line ( 6" ) and soldered the end shut. Then hooked up the rubber vent line from the fuel pump and shoved the piece of brake line into the frame beside the fuel line and shazam ! It looks like a 1970 LS-5 fuel system.:yes:
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