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1970 Desert Sand

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Looking for the paint color name for Desert Sand in 1970. There were Chevelle sales names such as Cranberry Red, Forest Green, Fathom Blue, etc. but paint names shown on Atlanta buildsheets were simply RED, DARK GREEN, DARK BLUE, etc. Of all the colors, Desert Sand (code 63) is the only one I don't have a common name for.

Anyone with a 70 Atlanta buildsheet that could look in the last column of block 107 and get me the name it'd be appreciated (only Atlanta listed colors this way).

Secondary, if anyone has any plant's window sticker with Desert Sand coded paint, the 3-digit number for Desert Sand (in the RPO code column) would also be appreciated. These should be shown on any plant's window sticker.

Appreciate the help!
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Dale, I think Al Galdi had a Misty Turquoise 70 perhaps he can help.
Don't know til ya ask.
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