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1970 Concours Estate Driveshaft

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I'm trying to find a driveshaft for my '70 wagon. It has a TH350 and a 12bolt rear end. Either that or find a shop in Arizona to have a new weld yoke put on the front and balance mine. I don't even want this to be a $600 mistake.
My car was loading up and died. I don't have a neutral safety switch on the b&m shifter so I wasn't thinking and restarted it while rolling in gear and with the throttle opened to clear it out. When it fired it was like a 3000 rpm neutral drop. Broke the front yoke and shaft hit the ground. Good thing I was doing only about 5 mph.
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I have a driveshaft in havasu but really want to sell the whole frame. I got my driveshaft made in Kingman at AZ drivelines. (928) 757-3996
Ok thanks. I saw your Craigslist listing. I'll give them a call..
Yes I know. Thanks
Luckily Pete Lohr has one for me. Just got to figure shipping out.
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Shipping: Here is how a " 3-R " 1970- El Camino . M-22 shaft was shipped from Arz.... LOWES.... Some PVC pipe 4" Dia. Screw on two end caps after you stick some foam rubber in the ends. $45.00 UPS from AZ. to Pittsburgh, Pa.
Thats how mine was shipped.
Thanks for the tip.
Thanks for the tip.
Who was the shipping company?
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