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1970 Chevelle SS......Ivory or Pearl Interior Color?

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We are working on a 1970 Chevelle SS "clone" project and I have ordered a full interior for it. I ordered a Pearl interior and received some of the pieces but yesterday I received a box of interior panels in the Ivory color. Whoops.............I called the interior supplier and they said the 1970 Chevelle had Ivory.

The exterior of this car is going to be Astro Blue. What is the correct color for this car?

Thanks, Mark
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Ivory pearl.. :)

Some literature called it pearl, but I believe ivory to be the correct term. Atlanta build sheets call it ivory.
Ha ha mr funny guy........:) I have the pearl piece right next to the ivory. The Ivory color is shiny like the pearl but it has a little ivory color in it.........really not being funny.

I will take a picture later and post it of the two colors side by side.
Ivory is a hard color to get right. Are your two different colored pieces from the same manufacturer?
yes they did come from different manufacturers. One called it Pearl and the other Ivory. Here is a picture of the difference but it is hard to see in the photo. The door panel is Pearl and the rear side panel is Ivory.

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