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1970 Chevelle Malibu w/Air

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Can anyone provide instructions for gaining access to the Heater/Air blower motor? May not need to remove it, but I need access to check out the electrical connector and Ground. Thanks!!
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Thanks for your quick reply. Now a question about the wiring that goes to the blower motor. First of all the motor does not work but the connections via the fusable link into the relay and out of the relay to the fan motor appear to there (purple and black) and are routed out of site under the AC box. That's the reason for the first question, I needed access to check these connections. Late yesterday I found a bare 14 gage (orange) wire down behind the engine, not connected to anything. In looking at the Service Manual it looks like this is also connected to the blower motor having originated from the "heater resistor" and "heater conn" under the dash. Can anyone verify this for me. Thanks!!
Thanks for your reply. That's the answer I was hoping for, I don't want to get into removing the heater motor!!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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