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1970 Chevelle L34 Block (CTX)

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Guy I know has a good L34 bare block for sale $500, clean and in good condition (he says). Have not seen it yet but don't want to buy it if I can't flip it and make a buck.

Do you think this is worth that much?

The vin is 10K1503XX and the engine code is T1210CTX.

He did not notice the additional XX digits and this is all I got.
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What's the bore??? I'd say $250 tops.

I sold a complete runner CTX code and what I thought was no VIN until I found it above the oil filter, stamped in the edge of the block. Nice low mile rebuilt runner with forged pistons, steel crank and all matching dates from intake to exhaust manifolds. $1500

I heard that where I found the vin was where they put the vin on the 70 camaro BB's. Don't know but the guy with the 70 SS car sure loved getting the motor that fit the build date of his car.
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