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1970 Chevelle Ignition Key Cylinder Removal

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I am trying to replace my ignition key cylinder in my 1970 El Camino. I understand that it need to be in a certain positon before it will come out. Can some one define all of the steps in detail to remove this cylinder. Thanks in advance.
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You can't remove the ign without taking the steering wheel off. You need to remove the wheel and get a lock plate compression tool. You can do the work without this tool, but it is difficult. Once you compress the locking plate you will need to remove the wire clip that is located in a notch on the steering shaft. Once the wire clip is removed you can slide the locking plate off. There should be one screw that takes the blinker handle off, unscrew the hazzard button and there should be three screws that hold the blinker switch down. Pull the blinker switch out of the way and insert a very thin screwdriver in the slot inline with the end of the ign. You will feel a spring loaded retainer. Push it in and pull the ign out. Don't try to remove the ignition with a key inserted. The buzzer switch pops out of the ign and will stop the ign from sliding out. 79+ cars use a bolt (either torx of philips) that hold the ign in place instead of a spring retainer.
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