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1970 Chevelle Decode assist

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A friend just purchased a 1970 Chevelle SS454 4 Speed coupe. He has told me that the car was sold as numbers matching, and now that its in his garage he has come to me for verification that I could not provide.

Pad was blank other then a "T", no VIN or suffix code. I was unable to see rear of block for casting and date.

I don't have my books handy, can you please verify the following as well as offer anything on the T stamp?



ST 70-13637 BL 12187 BDY
TR 756 75 75 PNT
10C 194690 200528

=1970 chevrolet chevelle coupe, LA Cali, cran red ext, black bucket seats, build oct third week


136370L132XXX = chevrolet chevelle 2 dr coupe 1970 LA Cali. sequence #

Engine pad:

T (on left side) (no vin or suffix stamped here) Tonowanda???
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Shame he didn't come to you before he shelled out $50K. :sad: Personally I'd take the car back to the seller and tell 'em to cram it for lying about it.
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