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1970 Chevelle Decode assist

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A friend just purchased a 1970 Chevelle SS454 4 Speed coupe. He has told me that the car was sold as numbers matching, and now that its in his garage he has come to me for verification that I could not provide.

Pad was blank other then a "T", no VIN or suffix code. I was unable to see rear of block for casting and date.

I don't have my books handy, can you please verify the following as well as offer anything on the T stamp?



ST 70-13637 BL 12187 BDY
TR 756 75 75 PNT
10C 194690 200528

=1970 chevrolet chevelle coupe, LA Cali, cran red ext, black bucket seats, build oct third week


136370L132XXX = chevrolet chevelle 2 dr coupe 1970 LA Cali. sequence #

Engine pad:

T (on left side) (no vin or suffix stamped here) Tonowanda???
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Might be a SS but is not motor correct or numbers matching. No 454's before
early December 1969. Would need a 396/402 to be correct for a start at numbers matching.. COPO? Very unlikely.
If car has not been totally molested there might be a build sheet on top of the gas tank. You can loosen the tank straps and lower the tank a bit and use a mirror to see if it is there. Don't think tank will drop enough to get at the build sheet if car has exhaust pipes in correct place, the tank will hit the pipes. If you see something that looks like paper on top of the tank then take tail pipes loose. It will be worth the effort.
Found mine that way but was a puzzle to put it together, was in many small pieces.

Have a good day, Ed.
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