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My son and I started this project when he was in high school 8 years. He is still in school (beyond college), but I want to finish the car for him.

It is a 1970 clone (1972 title). We have a 454, T10 tranny, and 12 bolt rear end (not posi yet). And it runs! I couldn't believe it did after 8 years.

Anyway, I am on to the interior and looking for advice.

I have the side glass to do, and the interior.

My plan
Hushmat the roof.
Side glass
Complete the dash and install.
start at the floor and work my way up.

Looking for:
A radio that has the 1970 look but 2016 capabilities.
We converted from an automatic to a 4-speed. What works best to cover that non-factory cut-out?

I will be searching the forum for answers, but feel free to offer me your thoughts..




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Welcome aboard Tom, my neck hurts. :D

You will enjoy "searching" the archives here at TC. Enter your search word and boom, the experience and knowledge of some of the best will reward you.
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