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1970 A/C Liquid line route

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Can someone post a pic(s) of how the hose is routed from the dryer back to the evaporator?
I am trying to figure out the proper route through radiator support and around battery

It is a 454 car.
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I have two 70s with Fact. A/C. I just rebuilt my 70 drivers A/C.
The liquid line from the dryer to the evap.
Remove the batt. box,,, Fish the Liq. line through the rubber grommet in the core support and start the threads onto the dryer. The liquid line should have a protective outer hard foam type rubber covering. ( This covering touches the Batt. box where the hose goes under the box.)
On the way to the evap. the liquid passes near the center of the Batt box and goes under and then goes towards the frame rail and lays on the inner fender just a bit.
When the L. line is started on the threads on both ends, The line may rest on the frame rail or the inner fender. " IF " the liquid is the factory org., It will fall into place. If it is a new " Reproduction " line,, I had to tweek my new repo line on my driver.
Any problems give me a call. 724-527-3088
NOTE: Leave the dryer in the two strap clamps " LOOSE " also the line coming across the Rad. I try to leave ALL lines STARTED on the threads,,, But just finger tight. When ALL the A/C lines are in place and are finger tight, Then tighten, I also use a " Q TIP " to apply A/C oil to ALL THREADS & " O " rings. Being " KOOL " !!! Sometimes is a PITA !
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