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1969 Era specific tire help

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Currently on my SS, I have 15" Cragar rims with Kelly Charger NT's. I have 245's in the back and 235's in the front. My goal is to try and get as close to original as I can. I cannot locate any tire specifications as to what size was common back then. I think that for better handling I want to go with the same size all around. I am going to sell my Cragar rims with the rubber still on and going with the wheel kit that groundup offers. It's the SS 15" wheel kit. Was there a common size back then?

Also, is there another place I can check for these wheel kits other than groundup and yearone? I am trying to find the best price.

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What's up Keith? I have friends in York, ME.

The factory tire sizes for 15" wheel were 225/70s. Wheel Vintiques might have the wheels you are looking for.
You're welcome. I used to go up there every summer. We'd always get some food from the Weathervane, blow hundreds of dollars at Kittery Trading Post, and spend as much time on the beach as possible. I have been up to Folly pond, man it is gorgeous up there!!! Brunch at the Cliff House too.
Do they have a web site?
They might, but I usually see their stuff in the summit racing catalog.
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