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1969 Covertible top rivet

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A few weeks ago, my wife was putting down the manual top on my 1969 Chevelle convertible. Apparently, she got the top a little twisted and on the passenger side, popped the rivet that holds the support bracket from the middle bow to the main frame rail. This rivet is about 1" long and has a brass bushing inside. I don't think I can replace the rivet even if I found one, since I would need a press to refasten. Does anyone know where I can get a bolt/nut arrangement as a substitute?
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Check McMaster under the screw and bolt sections. Look for a shoulder bolt that has the diameter and length that you need. Also use a nylon insert locking nut. The locking nut will able you to leave a tiny amount of play to keep the joint from binding. I did this fix on my top and it works great.

They also sell brass bushings. You may modify the bushing o.d. and i.d. slightly to fit.
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