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1969 Chevelle steering wheel replacement

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I have a '69 chevelle and am replacing the steering wheel with a 3 spoke sport grip wheel from ground-up. Got the old wheel off fine.
I am having a hard time putting the new wheel back on.
I put the green (cam)? on first, the one with the spring loaded pin.
Then I put the black circular piece on, used for ignition lock.
Then the 2nd black piece with the 3 screws.
My problem is what comes next. When I put the circular clip on to hold the black circular pieces on, I can't get the steering wheel on the spline.
Everytime I try to push the wheel on, I either can't get it over the clip, or the spline pushes back into the steering column.
Could the retaining clip be bent??
THanks in advance.
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The c-clip goes on after the lock plate - before the plastic cover with the three screws.
Be sure to get the clip in the right grove.
What groove does the clip go into?
I know it isn't the one after the threaded piece.
Is it the one past the spline section, or the next one after that (the last one) If it is the last one , I am having a very hard time compressing the plate (because of the large spring) far enough so that I can get the clip on.
Is this right???
Go to your auto parts store and buy or borrow a lock plate tool.
Once you get the lock plate pushed far enough down with the tool, you'll see the proper grove.
It's VERY hard to do without he proper tool.
i just did the same thing you are doing now this summer and with the same wheel kit from G-up.i did not use the tool but used my
what i did was (with me sitting in the seat and the seat back,i put both my feet on either side of the plate and pushed down on the plate,that let me free up my hands to slide the clip into the me i was in a funky position and it was not easy but i did it without the tool.:Dgood luck
one more thing about the comfort grip wheel from G-up.i did not like the comfort grip at all.the original comfort grip was like a soft rubber or plastic.the G-up repop wheel looks the same with grain and texture.but the wheel grip is made of hard plastic and feels nothing like originals......i was very unhappy with mine and almost sent it back to G-up to get my money what i did was i bought a leather wheel cover from Wheelskins off Ebay for about $40.i took me about an hour to lace up with the help of my wife and i could not be happier on how it turned out.heres a picture on my wheel with the wheelskins cover on it.


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I put the three spoke on this spring, get a buddy, I held/pushed while my bud put the spring clip on. When on like butter.........
I've done a lot of them without the tool but never again.
It's fairly cheap and makes the job soooo much easier.
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OK, Thanks.
Everything went on fine, but,
When I press the center cap (with the chevy emblem) on the horn contact rim my horn doen't work, and it is extremely loose. I have tried to tighten it and loosen it. The horn will only work sometimes, when I adjust the secrews really far out, and the cap is extremely loose, it is as though something is missing.
Should these be tightened as far as they can go, or are they made to be adjustable?
Aren't the ring and the center cap the last to go on?
I didn't get any instructions.
Thanks in advance for any help.
It's also possible that when you are pushing on the black plate and trying to seat the clip that the column shaft is also pushing down into the column. This happened when I redid the column on my chevelle. I had to have a buddy hold the shaft in place from the engine bay pushing towards me while I was pushing the plate and clip back on. The Lock Plate Tool would have eliminated this problem I bought one after this happened to me - you should get one they are cheap.
Sorry didn't read that you fixed the clip problem.
Thats were I gave up and run without the horn.
just make sure you get it to the exact position of what your wheels are facing:thumbsup:
Does the hook-like bracket on the horn contact ring have anything to do with it? Does it need to be in a certain postition?
Does anyone have a video of replacing a steering wheel on a 69 Chevelle? I've searched youtube and haven't seen one for this vehicle. I have a 69 convertible Chevy Malibu I would like to replace the steering wheel on, and I have no experience doing it.

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