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1969 Chevelle SBC 350 Camshaft Question

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I bought a 1969 Chevelle that had a SBC 350 put in it from a 1976 Truck. It runs really rough and won't idle very good. I went through Carb and everything and decided to see what Camshaft it has in it. It acts like it has a big Camshaft with a lobe separation about 106 or 107. When I took the cam out I don't see any manufactures marks on the from of the Cam like Comp Cams does. It has some numbers at the back of the Cam that I can't seem to use to find out anything about the cam. USA 115835 250692. I really need to figure out the specs on this Cam to see if it is what is causing my issues. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Is this similar stamping wise?
and this post
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