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1969 Chevelle front bench seat

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Hello. I am upholstering a '69 Chevelle or at least trying to. The last person to work on this seat has put huge welds on the center pins for the split bench. I am unable to disassemble the seat.
Has anyone ever encountered this? I am not interested in cutting the pins to get this apart and will probably have to just give the seats back to the customer.
Thanks in advance

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Can you take a picture of what you are seeing?
From the factory there was a flat "tab" pressed onto those center Pins to prevent them from just pulling out. To get them out you had to remove the keeper from the outside hinge arm, lean the seat back forward, then tip the outside edge of the cushion up. That angle would allow you to pull the pin and its "tab" out of the center bracket.
Install is the reverse- With the cushion tipped up, feed the tab into the hole in the center bracket...then let it down and push it straight into the bracket. then attach the outer hinge arm and keeper.

Its possible that what you are describing is just the factory pressed tab at the end of the pin/pivot... in which case just lean it forward and tip it UP and pull it out.

I can't imagine someone trying to weld a retainer onto that pin right next to finished upholstery... it would have melted or burned stuff- so there is likely a way get get it out.
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Thanks for your reply! I did manage to get the backrests off with the owner's assistance! Thank you very much. I will post some photos of the seats when they are finished
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