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1969 Baltimore SS car import to canada?

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Hey folks,just looked at what I believe to be a true 396/4spd SS car (136379B******).
The current owner says he got it from the original owner and it was purchased new in Canada but I can see by the vin it is a Baltimore car.
Never heard of this being done.
Is he mis-informed or is this possible?
Any info appreciated.
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Both of our '69 Chevelles were Baltimore built. In 1969, at least, the COPO and L78 Chevelles in our area (Southern Ontario) all seem to have been Baltimore built. They built L34 and L35 cars in Oshawa. Same with 1970. This didn't always apply to other areas of Canada so I'm lead to believe.
Check the website that Mr70 gives above. For less that $50, you get all the information on your car and you can do it all over the phone. It's great to have and put in the window at shows. People look this sheet over as much as the car itself.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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