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1968 repro dash

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I am thinking of purchasing a repro dash carrier/bezel from a well known vendor and was noticing that it has no badging/emblem in the middle above the steering wheel where the tach would normally go for an SS model, I have a malibu sport coupe and my original dash has the word CHEVELLE cast/molded iinto it,does any one sell an emblem for this? I called the vendor that sells them and they dont know,from the pic online the repro dash looks like it has 2 small holes where the emblem should be,has anyone had to deal with this?any suggestions?Thanks as always.
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I did the Ausleys repop dash panel and the Shiftworks 69 type tach conversion at the same time and it came out SVWEEET!!!

It comes with the Chevelle emblem, but you have to install it.
Just checked out the Tach conversion kit, it looks fairly simple,have you tested the Tach out yet? does it work good?
It works great and confuses alot of people who know a little about Chevelles. It is all electronic except the oil guage. I ran a 1/8 copper tube off the side of the block for it. They give yoy nylon, don't do it. Copper doesnt wear and spray oil all over you
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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