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1968 repro dash

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I am thinking of purchasing a repro dash carrier/bezel from a well known vendor and was noticing that it has no badging/emblem in the middle above the steering wheel where the tach would normally go for an SS model, I have a malibu sport coupe and my original dash has the word CHEVELLE cast/molded iinto it,does any one sell an emblem for this? I called the vendor that sells them and they dont know,from the pic online the repro dash looks like it has 2 small holes where the emblem should be,has anyone had to deal with this?any suggestions?Thanks as always.
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The bezel comes with a little plastic Chevelle emblem that uses those two holes to mount it. I just installed one in my 68. Bought it from Ausleys.
I think it turned out great. My original one was hacked up and badly repainted. I also replaced the lenses for the gauges at the same time. I'll try to post a picture in the next couple of days. Kids are out of school so the Chevelle is off limits for a little bit.
I'm happy with the fit. I had no problems mounting the bezel, switches and cluster. I definitely recommend the bezel if you need a replacement.:beers:
I installed the shift works tach also. Hooked up to the tach terminal on the HEI distributor, power, and ground. You can see it in the first picture that I posted of my dash. Easy install and works great.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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