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1968 Chevelle SS emblems

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I have an early model Chevelle SS396 with fender emblems that have SS396 in the space were some have just 396. Has anyone seen reproductionsfor the SS396 ones? By who? How about just the insert lettering?
Thanks BT
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I am located just outside of Columbia. The town is Blythewood, north of Columbia about 20 miles up I-77. I see your in Greenville. I have A little brother living there.
I' ve had my SS for about a year now. Have shown it at Clemson at the Electric City Classics show. As to restoring orginals don't want to mess up that foil insert. the Bazels themselves and in great shape not pited. The foil area is fadded and one has a small, light rust ring thru the letters.
thanks for the info
Micheal (supersport396 2000) thanks soooooo much for the tip. I just called True Connections about that foil ss396 insert. They still had 8 (now 6) on hand. $75 each $150 for the pair (ouch!!!!!) got mine coming anyway. The wife won't have to worry about what to get me for Christmas now. If anyone else calls ask for Kyle.
I just got the metal insert emblems from True Connection.
The SS396 ones for the front fenders.
They are great!!!
Highly recommended talking to them for your parts needs.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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