I just removed my factory ac unit from my 68 and swapped to VA unit.
So I have the following available:

Shoot me an offer on these pieces of you need something.

Center vent (68 only) - 1 perfect $150, have another missing front diffuser and de-formed on top $50
Defroster duct upper - $150
Transition duct - $100
Lower duct - $125
Heater box - $150
A/C wiring harness - $75
A/C heater control - $150, no broken arms or knobs, includes cables
Front compressor bracket, SBC - $50
Rear compressor bracket, manifold side - $30

I am open to offers, based prices on condition of parts and Ebay's going rates.
I am willing to ship, we should be able to work something out.

Thanks for looking!