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1967 True 138

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I got 3 67 SS true 138 cars. Just curious what the are worth, trying to see if I paid to much lol.

First one is a full frame off resto with a date correct 427 under the hood.

Second one is a 9/10 interior 8/10 Body with a 4 bolt 454.

Third is an awesome pro-street with an amazing 350, that actually shocked me, true 138, Aero space disc all the way around, painless wiring, pretty much the works, just has been mini-tubbed, and roll cage, minus back seats. I think I got a good deal on it, and I realize without pictures it will be hard to give a pure quote, I am just looking for ball park.


Thanks for all you guys and gals do.
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How about a few pics? Makes it a lot easier to gauge the value.

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