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1967 Malibu convertible price

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Hello and thanks for the great site!

I have been out of the hobby for quite a while and found a 67 Malibu convertible. The car is an original Bolero Red/Black Top/Black interior car with factory A/C and has its numbers matching 283 and Power Glide. The car is an automatic on the column and has been restored to a super clean driver. I tried to post more photos of the interior and engine compartment but have not been able to. The engine bay and interior are restored as well.

The person that owns the car is looking for $25k. Is this a fair price in the current market? What do you guys thinks is a good price?



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Thanks Jim and 68Cpe307, I really appreciate your input. I also visited your site Jim and was amazed by your 400 4 speed 4 door Chevelle! What a cool car! Talk about a factory sleeper!!

Thanks again to you both!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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