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1967 Engine ID Codes

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1967 Engine ID Codes

CodeSizeHPAutoManual1 bbl2 bbl4 bbl
BB230140Manual1 bbl
BC230140Manual1 bbl
BL230140Auto1 bbl*
BM230140Auto1 bbl*
BN230140Manual1 bbl*
BO230140Manual1 bbl*
CA230140Manual1 bbl
CB230140Manual 1 bbl
CC2301401 bbl
CD2301401 bbl
CM250155Manual1 bbl
CN250155Manual1 bbl
CO250155Manual1 bbl*
CP250155Manual1 bbl*
CQ2501551 bbl
CR2501551 bbl
CS2501551 bbl*
CT2501551 bbl2 bbl*
DA283195Manual2 bbl
DB283195Manual2 bbl
DE283195Auto2 bbl
DI283195Manual 2 bbl*
DJ283195Auto2 bbl*
DK283195Manual2 bbl*
DN283195Manual2 bbl
EA327275Manual4 bbl
EB327275Manual4 bbl*
EC327275Auto4 bbl*
ED396325Manual4 bbl
EE327275Auto4 bbl
EF396350Manual4 bbl
EG396375Manual4 bbl
EH396325Manual4 bbl*
EJ396350Manual4 bbl*
EK396325Auto4 bbl
EL396350Auto4 bbl
EM396325Auto4 bbl
EN396350Auto 4 bbl*
EP327325Manual4 bbl
EQ327275Manual4 bbl
ER327325Manual4 bbl*
ES327325Manual4 bbl
ET396325TH-4004 bbl
EU396350TH-4004 bbl
EV396350TH-4004 bbl*
EW396350TH-4004 bbl*
EX396375Manual4 bbl
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