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Have a pair of 1967 chevelle delux seat belts and i am not shere of the color. I bought them over the internet from another guy who said they where aztec bronze for my 66 chevelle . Well they are not. I am tring to find out what the color they are so i can offer them to someone else who needs them. they say 1967 on them Model#122 then 42 c 66 at the bottom. does this tell me the color. any help would be appreciated. They look to be a brownish gold in color?

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I am at work, so what I know is that the 42 is for the 42nd week of 1966 ( approx. early October)which would make sense for a 67 application as that was already in the 67 model production year. The letter code tells you the specific, an "A" is for front bucket seat. Not positive on the C, believe it to be rear seat? the model # can also tell you what side of the seat, I know model # 201 is for front inside buckle side.

The color you describe, sounds like Aztec Bronze, but you are the one looking at them, so hard to say. I will see what other info. I can find.


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