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1966 SUPER SPORT emblem templates?

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i'm curently restoring my 66ss396 i had the quarter pnls replaced and i'm not sure where the ss emblems should be placed is there any where i can get templates to mark the quarters for the emblem holes i also need templates to mark the fenders for the turbo jet flags this is a two owner car with my dad being the orginal ownerso i really want the car to be right! thanks for reading this i'm new to team chevelle hope someone can help chevellemik1966ss427
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What did you do with the OLD panels/fenders?? why not use the original Blue Print?

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i put the orignal fenders on a old 66 ihad about 15 years ago (i was a dumb kid back then ) i took several measurements off the fenders but iwould like to verify my measurments they look right placed on the fenders but i want to be sure as for the quarters a shop did the replacement and discarded the old pnls they told me there were templates available they did a nice job with the quarters but messed me up on my ss emblems i've got friends with 66's but both cars have right side ss's about 3/8 of an inch higher? i'm kind of lost on the placement of these emblems i really want these details to be right the cars a part of the family
Not sure about 66 models, but on the 69 models they show the locating dimensions for the emblem holes in the factory Assembly Manual. You can buy reproductions of the Assembly Manual at many places.
The photos above should help with the rear emblems. The Assembly Instruction Manual shows the exact locations for the front flags but you have to reference the measurements from two pages, UPC 11-13/B3 and UPC 11-13/B9. It'd probably get lost in the translation if I tried to explain it here. :)

I get my AIMs from Faxon Auto Literature and I think they're about $25 or so.
E-mail me your address and I will mail you a copy of what I have. I took blue print paper and traced my original panels you just tape it on the body lines and use a awl make a mark and drill the holes. simple and perfect. Use the correct drill size ( it will be on the print) [email protected]
thanks a ton don you can e-mail me at [email protected] thanks again chevellemik1966ss427:thumbsup:
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