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I have a 1966 L78, I need cam specs for a cam that will give me the most HP and allow the power brakes to work.
car weighs 3500 lbs, has 11.25 to 1.00 compression, has 4.11 gears, B&M nitrous converter 2800 stall speed, I prefer Comp Cams
but I am interested in what works well on the street.
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I agree with the previous poster (68Chevele) that the stock L78 cam (.520 lift/242 degrees duration at .050 lift/114 degree lobe center spacing is a good cam and provides sufficient vacuum for braking. I however, opted for a Howards cam with the same duration and lobe centers spec for my '69 L78 396, but with an additional .019 valve lift. This cam provides slightly more power without changing the engine's "manners".
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