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1966 interior questions

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First off if anyone has one rear upper door panel chrome molding for a 1966 coupe. The piece that screws to the body. I have one but the other is gone. If anyone has one please email me.Thanks

Second question is I was trying to put the strips that hold the headliner on last night they have small spike looking protrutions on them to hold the headliner on I assume. Anyway I can't remember what fastener was used to attach these I thought it was a small black screw short with a big head on it but the hole in the strip and the hole in the body are the same size probably a 1/4 inch or so the screw is only 1/8 diameter. I was wondering if there is an insert or something that goes in the holes or some type of screw that I may have misplaced that these attach with. Thanks for the help.
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The clips that hold the front and rear strips are little "T" shaped buttons. They look like someone took a strip of 1/4" wide sheet metal, bent and twisted into a "T". Don't know where you can get them. I had to hunt in a couple of junk yards for mine. I may have a couple left if you need them. Tom
I'll try to find one tonight and get a photo of it. Email me with your address and I'll send you what I have left.
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