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1966 grill - Restore or Replace

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The original grill on my 66 is looking pretty ratty so I’m thinking restore or replace.
Are aftermarket grill decent or should I spend time and money on restoring the original?
Note my car is a 20’ and not stock in anyway so originality means nothin. It’s more about fitment.
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I put a Repro grill in my 68, fitment sucked and my car had no previous front end damage but I do have after market fenders too so maybe that had some thing to do with the poor fitment? I have the original header panel and core support, IMO my orig. grill has too many small dings to mess with
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My 1st wife was a nightshift supervisor in the anodize dept. at a plating shop in the early 80's, IIRC MEK is what they used to strip & clean pretty much everything but I don't know if the EPA even allows that product to be made now? I just Googled it and it's still available, says it's a thinner?
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