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1966 grill - Restore or Replace

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The original grill on my 66 is looking pretty ratty so I’m thinking restore or replace.
Are aftermarket grill decent or should I spend time and money on restoring the original?
Note my car is a 20’ and not stock in anyway so originality means nothin. It’s more about fitment.
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I’ve got it sitting in a bath of vinegar now. I’ve used this to remove anodizing before.
it still seems like it would be a lot of work.
My original grill doesn’t have any dents but it has some very light pitting. It does seem like a lot of work.
But man, grill kits have gotten expensive!
Well vinegar didn’t work worth a crap. So I used oven cleaner. It looks clean but how can I tell if the anodizer ion is gone. It looks shiny but it my be just because it’s clean. Is there a test to determine if the anodization is gone?
Also, I don have some MEK. That may be next.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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