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1966 grill - Restore or Replace

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The original grill on my 66 is looking pretty ratty so I’m thinking restore or replace.
Are aftermarket grill decent or should I spend time and money on restoring the original?
Note my car is a 20’ and not stock in anyway so originality means nothin. It’s more about fitment.
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You will have to strip the anodizing either chemically or with abrasives to get down to the raw aluminum and eliminate the corrosion if any. Then several steps of abrasive sanding and several more polishing.

Then you can clear coat it or have it re-anodized
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I had to restore only the face of the top bar due to a scratch. It took me about 2.5 hours. I think I could have done it faster with a polishing wheel on a die grinder.
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Once the anodize is removed the aluminum [is] soft and the small pits polish out pretty easily.

edited in the [is] for clarification
I didn't say it did. I sed you had to get the anodize off to polish the aluminum which is soft and will polish easy.
Some members have had good luck with one of the oven cleaner brands but I forget which one.
Rub some polish agent on it and if the rag turns black you are through the anodize and into the aluminum.
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