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1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396

I am trying to my father’s old 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396. He purchased it in June/July of 1969 and then sold in June/July of 1971. He always regretted selling this vehicle and I am trying to see if it is possible to locate it (if it survived the last 40 years), obtain any information regarding it, purchase it back (if possible) and give it to him as a surprise. The main problem that I am running into is that I only have a partial VIN and don’t really have any information on where the car ended up after he sold it.

The information that I do have is that my father purchased the 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 in either June or July of 1969 from the Corwin-Churchill Chrysler/Plymouth dealer in Bismarck, ND. He traded in a 1965 Ford Mustang on the purchase. The vehicle traded in on a brand new Dodge Charger by the original owner who was a traveling salesman. My father drove the vehicle for about two years and sold it in either June or July of 1971 to a private party (a late teens, early 20’s male) who lived in a rural area around Bismarck. My father believes the city that the person lived in started with a “S” and possibly Steele or Streeter but could be any number of cities or towns.

The obvious partial VIN is “138176_ _ _ _ _ _ _” and I have no license plate or registration information. I checked with Corwin-Churchill Chrysler/Plymouth and they destroyed their older records about 10 years ago when they built a new building so I have no way in getting the VIN from them. I also contact the North Dakota DMV and am currently waiting for a response.

The Chevelle was Sandalwood Tan (color code T) in color, with Medium Fawn/Light Fawn Two-Tone Imitation Leather interior (interior code712) with bucket seats. It had a spray on imitation black vinyl top added and was trimmed with the correct GM chrome trim pieces. My father removed the “CHEVELLE” lettering across the rear cove and had the holes filled and the rear cove painted black. It had the 360hp 396 cu in motor and the 4 speed Muncie manual transmission. The vehicle had full gauges, knee knocker tachometer, center console, AM Radio, and rear radio antenna. The wheels were originally painted the body color, but my father eventually painted the wheels black and “baby moon” had caps were installed. The rear of the vehicle sat about 10-12 inches higher than stock due to my father adding springs from a station wagon to the rear suspension. He also added an aftermarket 8-track player under the dash, a speaker in both doors, and 2 speakers on the rear package tray. My father also recalled that the speedometer was not accurate because the previous owner (the traveling salesman) used the vehicle almost always on the highway and had the rear axle ratio changed.

The vehicle had been involved in two accidents, both of which the damage had been repaired on. It was rear ended and had the rear bumper replaced. It also was hit in the parking lot of a truck stop by the rear bumper of a semi trailer. This put about a 3 inch square shaped dent/crease from the rear of the front left wheel to the back of the car.

I know the odds are very good that this vehicle is probably in muscle car heaven. I am hoping that it might be sitting in a field, junk yard, barn, or garage somewhere in North Dakota still. I am also hoping someone might read this and remember seeing this vehicle driven around in 70’s, or remembers driving by one parked somewhere.
If anyone has any information regarding this vehicle (no matter how little or insignificant), please contact me. Please pass my contact information on to anyone who also might have any knowledge of this vehicle.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and for any and all help you might be able to provide.

Bill King

Asking Price: Best Offer

City: Bloomington
State: MN
Displayed Email: [email protected]
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