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1966 Chevelle Supersport emblem measurements

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I'm looking for the proper measurements for a 66 chevelle ss emblem placement for the quarter panels and the front fenders.
And for all the forum clones that like to start problems i'm not a cloner. I bought a 66 ss chevelle from a towing yard it was a theft recovery except all they recovered was the body w/ the 12 bolt in it. They even took the 138 vins...bastards. Everything else was stripped and the car had the rear quarter emblems shaved. I'm trying to put it back to its original glory, but I cant find the proper measurments for the super sport rear emblems and the 396 front emblems. Can anybody please help me out?
My email address is [email protected]. Yes i'm a female. ;)
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Hello and welcome Shandy. Good luck with the emblems.
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