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Hello, I have purchased a 1966 Chevelle SS 396 A-A Tuxedo Black L78 former drag car that was stripped in a warehouse in Bloomfield CT in 2008. I have chased the history back to Hillside Avenue in Hartford CT. It was owned by Francis and Michael Coville and unfortunately they have both passed. The car spent a lot of time on the Berlin turnpike and Connecticut dragway and the last registration I have to the car was 1975. The car appears to have a factory cowl plenum cut into the firewall, as the plastic from the broken duct is still there. The car was parked next to a house in Marlborough CT for many years after losing it to his ex wife in a divorce (Michael) the gentleman I purchased it from knocked on the door and made a deal with the woman agreeing to side her house in payment for the car. It had a large period correct hood scoop that allowed water into the engine rendering it stuck. The car was towed to Newington where it was stored in a warehouse with other cars, only to have the 12 bolt rear stolen out of it. While the car was there, the engine was pulled and sent to Northeast Engine in East Hartford CT to get rebuilt. That never happened, and Paul from Don's Speed shop picked up the motor and rebuilt it at his father's speed shop. (Yes, the 396 that sat in front of the counter on an engine stand for years.) Paul also put another 12 bolt rear in the car to get it rolling. The property that the warehouse was located was sold to Aldi's and the car had to be relocated to another warehouse in Bloomfield CT where is was left outside in a dark rear lot and was stripped. Luckily the 962 block with the VIN# on the pad was at Don's speed shop being rebuilt. All parties that I have spoken to agree that it was an inside job from a drug addicted employee who sold the parts off for his habit. I have spoken to said person and he said if I gave him money, he would get the parts back. Never happened. I am in the process of putting the car back together and was just hoping that someone who remembered the car (see pics) could tell me some memories of it. I had posted it on CT Dragway memories and received some great stories from people who remembered the car. It was always at Ric's Citgo on Maple Ave in Hartford getting tuned. I already checked with Dale, it is not in the registry. It sat from the 70's until now with no heartbeat.

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Awesome find!! Congrats!
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Yes sir, it was in a warehouse on W Dudley Town Road. The former JDC trucking building.
Ha! I used to read the electric meters there. I was all over that area all the time. I was always peering over fences to see what was hidden around Bloomfield. at one time there was a Chevelle convertible in an open barn on Filley st but since I had no money or place to put it I never inquired about it. There are probably a few gems hidden around still.

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Not sure if that cowl hole was factory cut.
If you removed the AC thats what youll find.
Yunicks 66 had one?
Would be cool if you found pics of the car back when it was complete
A/C cars had a much bigger hole in the passenger cowl side/firewall where the blower motor hole is.
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