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1966 Chevelle Frame Interchangability

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I know this sounds like many other posts, but I cannot seem to find definitive, non-contradictionary posts and websites.

I am searching for a new frame for my 1966 chevelle malibu HT. I know I can use a 67 frame with different rear springs.

My questions
1. Can I use other GM a-body frames (Lemans, skylark, etc)? What years and mods are required?
2. What other Chevelle years can I use, and with what mods? 64 or 65?
3. I know the elky are different and heard you can cut them, but REALLY what do you need to do? How much welding?

Thank you for your help. If anyone knows where to find a decent frame, with minor rust issues, please let me know. I am in AZ.

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Way back when, I was into stock car racing and decided to switch from Pontiac to Chevy. Rather than build a whole new car, I cut the skin off my '64 GTO body and welded a '66 Chevelle skin onto it. Everything worked great except in the very rear, where it became apparent that the Pontiac frame was an inch or two longer than the Chevy frame had been. A little notching of the inside of the body in the rear was all it took to take care of it for me, since it was a race car it didn't have to be pretty.

Maybe it was just the '64 vs. '66 year difference, rather than the Pontaic vs. Chevy difference. I'd measure carefully first.
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