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1966 brake booster interchange info. Please

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Does anyone know what gm brake boosters will bolt on a 66 chevelle. Currently sbc,bbc purchased but not installed, it will be going in eventually but if I have to do another booster swap in the future so be it.I have complete frt brakes and master and prop valve 68-72 But no booster. I know i can buy a 70 camaro manual disc master, but if I can find a common booster local I'd like to go power. Thanks to all
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Any GM diesel truck or Astro Van from the 80s to mid 90s have hydro boost. Go with that as they all bolt in and run the hose from the power steering to the hydro boost and then to the power steering and back to reservoir and your golden. I bought my set up with the hoses for $100
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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