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1965 chevelle HEI installation help?

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Hay Guys I have a 65 Chevelle with a 327 all stock, I updated to a HEI Distributor. It has a resistor wire running to coil... would I be able to cut that resistor wire to the coil to extend it to the HEI? It barely makes to the coil, so I know it won't make it to the HEI distributor... just wondering if I could replace it with like a 14 gauge wire!
Thanks Guys
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if you look at your fuse block, their is a tap that says ign.-has 2 places for a conn.
just run a wire from there to the HEI-it stays hot during start phase
just insulate the lead from the starter (full 12v during start)
your correct, and since its all stock, i gave him this way-its a bi$%&ch trying to get those contacts out of the firewall plug, and you cant buy them anywhere(they do that so you have to buy the whole harness, lol
simple to return to stock if he wants to
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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