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1965 Bucket Seat Tracks

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Could someone please tell me what seat tracks would work for 65 buckets. I am having trouble finding year specific tracks. Thanks. -MATT
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64 and 65 seat tracks would be the same. I would think bucket seat tracks from a 64/65 Pontiac, Buick or Olds a-body would be the same.
I guess I'm still a little confused over my seat install. I have new floors in with nothing mounted to them whatsoever. Once I find tracks for my seats do I also have to buy some type of brackets to weld to the new floor first? Thanks. -MATT
If you are installing buckets, yes, unless the bucket seat brackets are already attached to the floor pans you bought (I'm guessing they were not).

Here's what you need for a 64/65:
The 66 and 67 GM A-body bucket seat tracks will also fit
Are you talking about the seat tracks attached to the bottom of the seat or the brackets which are welded to the floor pans?

The brackets welded to the floor pans are different between 64/65 and 66/67.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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