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1965 300 horn button question....

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Can I use a Malibu horn button on my 1965 300 steering wheel? :confused:

I'm not sure they are the same diameter or are secured in the horn cup the same. I don't have any horn buttons for this wheel at present so can't compare except from pictures.........Below is the style of wheel I have minus the horn button........

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The 300 horn button and the 65 Malibu horn button attach differently. The Malibu has two metal spring clips (one on each side). If I remember correctly, the 300 is secured by a rubber ring between it and the part that actually makes the contact to blow the horn.

If my memory is correct about the rubber ring, then you can use a 67 Malibu horn button because they also use the rubber ring attachment. Don't know if the outer diameter will be exactly right though.

Good luck!
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