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1965 #138 Sport Coupe,, Project car

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What would be a good asking price?

1965 Chevelle Malibu SS VIN 138375K129581, (138) Chevrolet SS V8, Body (37) 2 Door Sport Coupe, Year(5) 1965, Made in(K) Kansas City/Leeds, Production Number 129581. Interior was #741 Blue/Vinyl Bucket and Paint was C-C White on White.

I got this car about two years ago and have another project. It has no motor or trans, it has a 10 bolt rear end that I know is original. I don't have the hood nor front bumper. There is no interior at all. There is no back glass.

I have a brand new 2 1/4" Fiberglass Cowl hood. It is made to use the original hinges and hood pins. I also have a new fiberglass front bumper, I do have the bumper brackets. I have a New 12 gal fuel cell. I have everything less the hood and bumper. I have all nuts, bolts and wiring. Chevelle/
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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