1964 El Camino PROJECT orignall 6 cyl AC car, blue/sliver with fawn gut..... my Army buddy took it all apart and decide it was too much, so I foolishly dived in! I frankly was "pipe dreaming", I do not have the shop space requried for such a cool project even though I hd a beautiful Ekly road car pictured in my head.

No engine, no trans, no interior. some sort of kinda right seat came with the car, but I wasnt going to use it. Has all glass.

The good: From the top down, it looks like a CA elky should. Although without the body back on frame yet, have no idea what the body panels are like.

Front fenders ok, but need patches at the rear. Hood ok except for chaulk outline of someone's BOOBS on it. ( buyer gets the whole story)

The bad: from the bottom, this poor thing sat in a salt marsh it seems! ( it was sourced from carolina so...? ) There is no floor pan or body mounts left. Oddly, going back to the good, the bed is in surprisingly decent shape.

So from toe boxes to full floor pan with braces is requried here. Also, as you'll see in the attached pic, the frame looks mine EXCEPT for the lower control arm buckets which are rotted away. I have two good sections of A body frame to replace these with. ( contemplated back halfing into a drag car but....this thing would handle on rails done right)

10 bolt 3.07 gear open diff rear end ( its the small 10 bolt - non-upgradable)

Have most all the bits in totes. My buddy did include a three pedal arrangement , although this should have been a automatic trans car.

All I have done so far is to take apart the AC/heater box so see how much cheese was there. Repairable.

Oh and mounted the body on Duke69's home made rotisserie for transport. That needs to go back to Duke.

I can certainly provide more pics, but these two I had right here on my puter. Has keys and a PA title.

Not asking much more than my " good buddy price" I paid well over a year ago, an even $1000.