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Are the Quarter Panel and Front Fenders of the 1964 and 1965 Chevelle SS DIMENSIONALY the same?

I know all of the four above mentioned items are all different part numbers but my concern is could it be trim moulding hole issue only?

Thank You.

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Actually, full GM rear quarters are different between 64 and 65. The only difference lies in the trailing edge of the panel where it meets the taillight bucket which is welded in separately. The differences are small enough, however, that one can be used on the other but an amount of extra work is required to make it fit properly.

The front fenders are completely different.

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The front clip on a 64 is different than a 65 in regards to mounting. The core support and inner fender wells mount up differently. There year specific.
But......a complete 65 front clip will bolt to a 64 body with only minor discrepancies visible.

This was a common change over the years, both ways. Wreck a car and bolt on which ever front clip was available/cheap.

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