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1960 Corvette heads

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What is the current value? They are original, low mileage take offs.
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If they are aluminum that makes a huge difference. Chevy started producing aluminum heads for fuellie 283 'vettes for 1960 but halted production due to head porosity or something. To a museum the aluminum versions are very rare and would be worth something, but to a rodder not so much.

Chevy sold over the counter fuellie iron heads with small valves for decades, so they are neither rare nor are they the ultimate in terms of performance. They'd be cool and offer a performance gain on a typical 283 or 307. They would be restrictive on a 327 or larger engine compared to 1964+ versions.

Sorry, I didn't answer your question did I? I'll let those that buy / sell & trade them answer this one for you.

Are you looking to buy or to sell?
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