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Would a 12 bolt rear out of a 73 olds cutlass bolt in the same in a 68 ss elcamino, I can probably get the rear real cheap.I would like to put in a date correct rear if I could find one and be able to afford it, But I aint got nothing in there now, and I would like to put a 12 bolt back in it because thats what this one came with. Thanks.

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12 bolts didn't come in 73 Old's ,only from 68-70.
The Chevy type 12 bolt lasted until 72.
Olds did have an "O" type rear that had 12 bolts on the cover but a 10 bolt carrier and it was from 68-70.
So ,not real sure just what rear your referring to.
Can you get the code from the front of the passenger side axle tube ?
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